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our efficient workflow

For every project we develop, we use our own crafted foolproof workflow, that considerably reduces time spent on unecessary input and time consuming corrections. Due to our vast experience in the field, we are able to cut that hassle. As a result, our services are rocket-fast and yet top-notch in terms of quality.

Step by step

  1. Envisioning and preparation
  2. First assesment
  3. Development
  4. Final assesment and delivery

Envisioning and preparation

We arrange a bussiness meeting right after client‘s call. Both parties decide on the vision, exchange ideas and preferences. After the meeting, our team collects the material needed to begin development.

First assesment

During this step, our team is about to finish first highly technical tasks, therefore we are able to present test product to the client. The client is able to see the development of their vision for the first time. Whenever our team receives input from the client, we are ready to proceed to the next step.


This stage is where the real magic happens. Our team is working hard to infuse life into yet sketch-like test material. Structures are getting more expressive, grass begins to grow, sun becomes real and water begins to shiver. Shortly after, the nearly finished product is forwarded to post-production department to add the last finishing touch.

  • Detailing
  • Developing
  • Post-processing


During the last stage, the client receives an almost finished product for the last assesment. Just after both parties settle on last corrections, our team delivers a final product.


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